ABA is unique in its passionate pursuit of techniques enabling professionals to take home more of their hard-earned money.

We are constantly bringing new ideas to our clients for driving revenue in your practices, reducing overhead, and minimizing your income tax burden. The result of adding ABA to your professional team is less stress for you, happier patients, better staff morale, and more take home pay.

Driving Profit & Minimizing Income Taxes

Maximizing Revenue Via:

  • Fee Schedule & Coding Analysis
  • Better Collection Techniques    
  • Negotiation of Managed Care Contracts    
  • Marketing Assistance    
  • Added Services Available to Patients    

Reducing Overhead Via:

  • Price Shopping via our Healthcare Procurement Solution (HPS)
  • Cell Phone Discounts    
  • Reducing Staff Costs    
  • Applications of Technology    

Services Provided

accounting services


ABA believes that accounting should be a powerful and practical management tool that helps you gain actionable insights into running your business more efficiently and profitably. While CPAs typically compute earnings, ABA gives you a realtime analysis every month to show you the real health of your practice.

small business advisor


You have a great idea. ABA can do an objective analysis, comprehensive research, and create a business plan for you. From there, we can help you execute that plan and help your business succeed.

tax minimization

Tax Minimization Strategies

Most business owners have been trained to think about tax strategies from one perspective: Avoid an audit at all costs. With the looming specter of new tax increases at the federal and state levels, owners are beginning to rethink this basic assumption of business strategy.

We believe in responsible, assertive tax minimization strategies that help owners keep every dollar that they are entitled by the tax code.

Simply put, try us. If you think your CPA is working for your greatest good, allow us to review, for free, your latest tax return. If our time-proven strategies are already being employed, that’s wonderful. If not, then we’ll show you how to stop the bleeding and even possibly recoup some of that lost capital.

accounting for doctors

Exceptional Counsel 

ABA provides a higher level of service because our advisors are extremely experienced and focused, each with a depth of experience in the unique fields they bring to the table.

accounting for dentists

Quickbooks ProAdvisors

QuickBooks users who get help through a ProAdvisor or accounting professional have a higher satisfaction level with QuickBooks.

Whether you need help setting up and customizing QuickBooks, learning how to more efficiently use the software, or better understanding the financial data you currently have in QuickBooks, your ABA ProAdvisor is available to help you get the most out of the software.