Truly Understanding The Needs of dentists and specialists.

The strategies developed by ABA over its many years servicing physicians are just as effective for driving profit in the practices of our dental clients.

We employ time tested techniques for increasing the profit of the practice including, but not limited to, driving patient volume, better collection techniques, and specialized service offerings - all in addition to our tax minimization strategies unique to dentistry.  After all, once profit has been increased, we have to work even harder to minimize the income tax burden of the principals.

The net result is a bigger bottom line.  

The techniques and whole-practice strategies employed by ABA have been yielding greater take home pay for our clients for over twenty-five years. Every year that goes by we learn and grow. Every year that goes by our clients earn and grow. Its a relationship built on performance and we have consistently been rewarded with referrals and loyal clients. Several hundred dentists across the country can't be wrong.

Find out for yourself the difference ABA Advisors can make in your practice and to your bottom line.

Proven Strategies To Improve Your Dental Practice

Revenue Enhancement

  • Driving Patient Volume
  • Proper Use of Hygienists and Dental Associates
  • Expanding Service Lines
  • Continually Evaluating Your Fee Schedule
  • Implementing Proven Collection Techniques

Overhead Reduction:

  • Properly Managing Staff Costs
  • Shopping for Supplies and Services
  • Maximizing Technology