Physicians are battling many factors driven by the current economic climate - like many of America's small business owners.

Both maintaining and increasing your volume of patients, and collecting from patients is more of a challenge than ever before. Let us help you drive patient volume and maximize your collections. We see a very bright future for the medical profession - but you have to take action to make it happen. Step one: Call us today. 

The techniques and whole-practice strategies employed by ABA have been yielding greater take home pay for our clients for over twenty-five years. Every year that goes by we learn and grow. Every year that goes by our clients earn and grow. Its a relationship built on performance and we have consistently been rewarded with referrals and loyal clients. Several hundred physicians can't be wrong.

Find out for yourself the difference ABA Advisors can make in your practice and to your bottom line.

Proven Strategies To Improve Your Medical Practice


  • Driving Patient Volume
  • Proper Use of Mid-Level Providers
  • Evaluation of Ancillaries
  • Managed Care Negotiations
  • Coaching Regarding Proper Coding
  • Implementing Proven Collection Techniques


  • Properly Managing Staff Costs
  • Shopping for Supplies and Services
  • Maximizing Technology

ABA also provides you with proper embezzlement controls, compensation formulas, and helps attract and properly compensate providers, and escort them into ownership.



A Medical Group comprised of a core number of Primary Care Physicians combined with Specialists is one of the last safe harbors for all physicians. And with the Group owning its Ancillary Profit Center, ABA’s Group Model allows for physicians to be equal owners in a Medical Enterprise which can grow significantly in value.

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The Advantages of Our System

  • Opportunity to share overhead costs and even revenue among physicians.

  • Opportunities to refer to and enjoy profits from group-owned ancillaries and other medically related businesses.

  • Efficiencies and professionalism of central billing, accounts receivable management, accounting, and financial reporting generate higher revenue.

  • Collegiality and support, financial and moral, of others who share common values, objectives, and strength in confronting common problems and external threats.

  • Economies of scale in buying supplies, services, equipment, and fringe benefits.

  • Ability, through cooperative marketing, to better withstand erosion of your patient base to hospitals or established groups that are expanding aggressively.

The ABA-Proven Structure

The formation of a completely physician-owned group that shares in the profits from its own ancillaries is something we have successfully implemented throughout the Southeastern United States. Our most successful model is predicated on each physician-owner having one equal vote per physician shareholder.

  • Profits from the group's ancillaries are divided in a compliant manner not reflecting the value or volume of referrals.

  • Each practice member of the group can retain its own autonomy and continue to make its own practice decisions.


The Wisest Choice

Why send ancillary profits to outside parties when you can benefit from your own ancillary profits? Contact us today. There may already be other physicians in your area who are interested in making the wise choice as well. 


The key to the success of forming any Medical Group is to have an experienced business professional who fully understands building team mentality and to guide independent physicians to secure their own futures by being owners of an Ancillary Profit Center. ABA offers that kind of expertise and can guide a number of physicians through the steps of developing a successful business enterprise such as a Medical Group. Our Group Model is successful because it is predicated on a one vote per physician owner and the fact that each practice maintains its autonomy.