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Our advisors and accountants understand physicians. We understand the difficulties they face every day juggling the key elements of a profitable practice with patient care. Not only do we understand these difficulties, but we also understand how to help. Our team has been advising physicians for more than 35 years.

We know how to analyze, plan, and implement a combination of strategies that not only create a more efficient practice, but that also maximize profits and minimize taxes. Hundreds of physicians across the nation have benefited from the expert advice of our team. You can, too. Contact us today.



  • Increasing patient volume through targeted marketing
  • Improving managed care negotiations
  • Implementing effective collection techniques
  • Properly utilizing mid-level providers
  • Evaluating ancillary services/fee structures


  • Properly managing staffing levels and costs
  • Maximizing the use of technology
  • Analyzing, comparing, and reducing the costs of your supplies and services


  • Compliance
  • Business planning
  • Human resources
  • Buy-ins
  • Exit strategies


  • Entity structure
  • Implementing  business processes
  • Utilizing economies of scale
  • Maximizing shared revenue
  • Minimizing applicable taxes


Reducing income tax by changing how you claim deductions for:

  • Auto leases
  • Auto expenses
  • Promotional expenses
  • Travel
  • Equipment agreements
  • Home office activities
  • Meetings at your home
  • Retirement plan contributions
  • Insurance
  • Shifting income among family members

“I have been an extremely satisfied client of ABA for over 20 years.  They are extremely knowledgeable not only from the accounting side but also in dealing with tax-related and tax structured issues.  I feel that they have my best interests at all times and I recommend them to anyone without reservations!”

Mark Hashim MD

“I have worked with other companies to organize and plan my personal and corporate taxes, but none that were as thorough and professional as ABA. The comprehensive and personalized strategy created by ABA has turned taxes unto a seamless process instead of a burdensome chore.”

Derek Amanatullah MD

“I’ve been with Bill King and ABA for a few years now. I love their business and tax strategies. As an owner of businesses and real estate, it can get pretty complex and overwhelming sometimes. I like the systems that ABA has in place, and I highly recommended ABA.”

Dr. Jeff Shebovsky
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