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The ABA team has been providing business advising and tax preparation services to veterinarians for more than 35 years. Our services are based on strategies that are specific to veterinarians and the unique challenges and opportunities they face. These are strategies designed to maximize profit while simultaneously minimizing tax burden.

These are strategies that work for hundreds of our veterinarian clients around the country. And, these are strategies that will work for you. Regardless of your practice size, location, or current financial circumstances, our team and the strategies we implement will help you reach your financial goals. Contact us today.



  • Increasing patient volume through targeted marketing
  • Improving managed care negotiations
  • Implementing effective collection techniques
  • Evaluating ancillary services/fee structures


  • Properly managing staffing levels and costs
  • Maximizing the use of technology
  • Analyzing, comparing, and reducing the costs of your supplies and services


  • Compliance
  • Business planning
  • Human resources
  • Buy-ins
  • Exit strategies


Reducing income tax by changing how you claim deductions for:

  • Auto leases
  • Auto expenses
  • Promotional expenses
  • Travel
  • Equipment agreements
  • Home office activities
  • Meetings at your home
  • Retirement plan contributions
  • Insurance
  • Shifting income among family members

Our practice has survived during the recent difficult economic times, in large part due to the help we received from Bill King and the ABA team. Their knowledge of the industry has helped us scrutinize every expense and minimize our cost – while continuing to try to drive volume despite having fewer clients and considerable scrutiny from those clients regarding our fees. Throughout their service to us – which has now been ongoing for more than a decade – their contributions have outweighed their costs through a combination of profit enhancement and significant income tax reductions.

John Peterson, DVM
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